Dear Diary

There was a fight at camp again today - and yep, you gueses: it was Percy protecting me, this time from some horrible boys in the Ares cabin. It was sweet of him, but I wish he would stop interfering...
Perhaps it's a good thing he interfers. I mean, if he hadn't interfered in mine and Luke's relationship, I wouldn't be dating him. Dating is to weak a word to sum up the powerful love I have for him... He's cute, funny, talented and is obviously crazy about me (last week he offered to bring me the sun because I was a little chilly). I really love how caring and sincere he is.
But enough about my AMAZING boyfriend. I need to tell you about my Mom. She IMed me last night via Chiron, saying she and Percy's Dad were on the brink of war because of our relationship, and that she wanted me to stop seeing him. I wanted to scream NO WAY! right in her face, but I held my tongue.

I've got to go - dinner's ready.

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