Dear Diary
Percy went missing last night. I woke up and i just.. knew. Knew he was gone, and not voluntarily. I haven't stopped crying yet, and nobody is even talking to me. The camp is in distress; Percy's the glue that holds us all together. That holds ME together.

Since he disappeared, a total of five hellhounds have crossed the camp borders, and each has taken down a demigod. Thanfuly, only one actually died - the others were just severely wounded.
But no wound is as big as the hole in my heart. I already miss him, because I know he's not coming back on his own, and Chiron won't let me go and find him. Everytime I see the pearl necklace he gave me, a lump forms in my throat and I can't breathe. Once, I caught it glowing, and some of the other campers have told me it vibrates and tugs feebly on its chain. I just glared at them, trying to solve this endless riddle.

Percy always asked me why I liked maths. Now, I realise it's because equations have a clear, right answer and an obvious way to solve them. Life, is quite different, and I'm left wading through an endless pit of conf

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