Dear Diary

I have Percy back! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Percy + Annabeth = happy me! Here's what happened...
As Ibegan trekking up the mountain, I heard a deep booming growl. I shuddered; Typhon wasn't liking his old home. I also heard the deep voice of the General, speaking to a quiter voice. My heart hammered in my chest as a pulled my self over the edge and crouched down. Below, I could see Percy, and he didn't look good. His hair, clothes ans skin were singed and burnt, and he was covered in deep gashed and huge purple bruises. I noticed his hairline was matted with blood, and a fury built inside me.
But the injuries weren't the worst part. That was his expression; he looked grave and hauted, his face paler and his eyes duller than I'd ever seen them. I gasped quietly, and he gazed up weakly. When he saw me, his eyes lit up with such love I got butterflies. But then he frowned and mouthed "Go" I cried out, "NO!", and the general turned to face me. Percy looked agonized, like he didn't care how battered and bruised he was, just that I was in a hint of danger. I threw my invisibility cap on and dropped down to the center of the volcano. I ran to Percy while the General was trying to see if I'd fallen down the other side. Hastily, I cut the chains around his hands and handed him the sword lying at his feet. He whispered "Thank you, Annabeth. You should go. I don't want you hurt trying to save me. Hurt at all. Please." I glared at him playfully and simply yelled "HEY, BIG UGLY!" towards the general, who whipped round asnd sprinted towards us. Without thinking, I rammed my cap on Percy's head and watched him disappear.
The next  10 minuites were a blur; I swooped and slashed and kicked and yelled, all the while hearing Percy sprinting circles around the General and slashing as well. It wasn't long before the General was no more. I cheered and felt around for Percy. A gust of wind blew the hat into my hand and he came into view. He looked weak and defeated, and he collapsed, a smear of blood running down his face. I wanted to throw up, and ran to him. Within minuites I'd signalled Blackjack and Percy and I were safely back at camp. Right now he is resting in his cabin. I guese I'd better go visit him...

Annabeth XX

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