Dear Diary
Today, Percy felt well enough to venture down to the beach with me, so we spent the day down there, Percy showing off. He actually stopped the tide because I said it was the perfect distance from our blanket. Wrapped up in his battered arms, I've never felt safer.

Speaking o battered, Chiron revealed the worst of his injuries; a broken wrist and two broken ribs. He should be fine with some more nectar and ambrosia, though which is good.

So, anyway, we were on the beach and I brought up achitecture, telling him all about the finishing touches I'd been putting on Olympus. I said it felt good to have something permanant, and he nodded.

"Speaking of permanant, marry me some day," he repled casualy, staring ahead at the ocaen, and thn back to me. There was such love in his vivid green eyes I smiled. "Of course!"

So, in 10th grade, I have found my soul mate.

And I'll never be apart from him.

Annabeth XXX

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