Dear Diary
Today CBH celebrated Percy's return with a huge game of every-man-for-himself catch the flag (did I forget to tell you he'd dissappeared AGAIN to fight an uderwater dragon that had been terrorising a herd of hipocampi?) I won, and was exeremely happy to rub it in Percy's face!
He makes me so happy I can't tell you. He's always complimenting me, and always makes me laugh. I swear, soetimes, he can read my mind. He knows me in and out and told me the other day he would die for me. He also said that if I was a little chilly, he'd steal me the sun! :) Impossible, but so sweet I nearly cried!

Sorry about that - Percy came in and i had to shut you quick. He just came to kiss me goodnight, but when he left, there was a small package on my bed. Curious, I picked it up - inside was a gorgeous silver necklace with a single pearl charm on it. The pearl shimmers with a million colours - thousands of shades of blue and green. Like the sea... On the box was a note, though, and it really disturbed me... It read: A small gift to my wise girl/I hope you'll see the pearl/as a token of my love for you/if I go missing, it's a clue.
 What does it mean 'if he goes missing it's a clue?'  He can't go missing. He won't. No-one can take him away from me. If they did... how would I cope? I could barely keep myself from crying when I saw the explosion at Mt St Helens. The thought that... that... my hero could be... dead was unbarable, and I felt a hole tear open my chest. I knelt on the ground and shook with sobs for what seemed like a lifetime before I got myself back to camp.

Got to go now - all the Athena campers are coming in now.

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