First Post! - Percabeth! :)
So, I thought my site could use a bit of a 'What's Percabeth?' post - though if you're asking that, why would you be on this tribute site?

Q: What's Percabeth?
A:Percabeth is the perfect combination of Percy Jackson, and Annabeth Chase as a couple.

Q: What's the big deal with them going out?
A: Well, they are so meant for each other, there is so much going against them, and it gets rid of the annoying, the Percabeth-stopper, Rachel Dare.

Q: Sounds cool. How did they meet?
A: At camp half blood, when Percy, son of Poseidon was dragged in unconscious after failing to save his Mother from the minotaur.

So, now you now the perfection that is... PERCABETH!

4/12/2011 14:47:08

Amazing website! I love the layout and of course, percabeth! I also love seddie and tratie!

4/22/2011 21:15:36

Thank you! (btw I so agree with Seddie and Tratie) :P


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